impulse responses

Here you'll find impulse response (ir) recordings taken from various places. You can feed them into convolution reverb plugins like e.g. SIR (v1 is freeware, v2 not) or Voxengo pristine space (payware) to recreate the room they were taken in. All ir files have been captured using the single shot method for reasons of simplicity. Every response file is 24 bit / 96 kHz stereo, uncompressed pcm. Remember that such a response can only be like a snapshot, a polaroid of the conditions at the time it was taken. At the bottom of the page you'll find an archive with all impulses conveniently packed together. If you have any question, suggestion, or problem, you may very likely find a corresponding thread in our message board.
impulse responses
freight car ir location 1: freight car
A rather small, boomy metallic space from inside this old freight car. Note that there wasn't any snow around at the time of recording.

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ir freight car (1,2mb)
swimming pool ir location 2: swimming pool
An (almost) empty swimming pool, sized approx. 20 x 8 m, facing demolition.

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ir swimming pool (820kb)
underground car park ir location 3: car park
A medium underground car park, providing space for ~400 cars total, nearly empty at that time.

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ir car park (2,9mb)
tunnel ir location 4: tunnel
A car tunnel with a length of 1080 m; inner dimensions being 9,5 x 4,5 m. The second recording is the same impulse travelling through the whole tunnel. You can either cut away the 'silence' (tunnel ambience) at the beginning or leave it as is for the delay the sound will have just by passing through the whole 1080 meters.

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ir tunnel entrance (7,2mb)

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ir tunnel through (10,8mb)
quarry ir location 5: quarry
A huge, spacious quarry, approximately 500 meters long (image perspective) and 200 meters wide. The yellow dot down there actually is a full-sized digger.

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ir quarry (2,35mb)
ir pack 
All impulses from above in one archive for convenience.

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ir pack 280309 (21,3mb)