pheuron made programs

This section is dedicated to several kinds of programs, utilities, vst instruments or effects. Unless stated otherwise, they are free, and, most of the time, they are made for use on win32 systems. If you have any question, suggestion, problem, feature request or just the wish to say hello, you may very likely find a corresponding thread and / or section in our message board.
This is a tiny calculator specialized on SynthEdit value conversions. It is (hopefully) pretty self-explaining and will save you from digging for your hardware calculator or the helpfile section where all those cute formulas are stated. SE_unicalc can auto-copy its result into the windows clipboard to speed things up.

It does not require any form of setup: Just unpack and run. SE_unicalc is made for win32 systems.
pheuron se_unicalc screenshot
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SE_unicalc v1.0beta1 (830kb)
here you will find a couple of prefabs for SynthEdit. soon..  
here you will find some vst synths and effects. soon..